How to Build Strong Trust into Your Relationship

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Strong relationships have a strong foundation in trust!

Undeniably, trust is the most important ingredient of a successful marriage or relationship. Without trust, your relationship is doomed to fail; so early on, partners should make a conscious effort to strengthen the bond by building up the level of trust in each other.

Let me share with you some tips on important areas to focus on that will help you achieve your goal of a lasting relationship based on strong trust:

  • Communication – Don’t give your partner mixed messages. Don’t say you are happy when your face shows a frown. If you have something important to say or there is an issue that is bothering you, do not hold back.
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    Empathy is a great tool for getting your partner to trust & love you!

    Empathy – You can improve the level of trust through empathy. Try putting yourself in your partner’s shoes and understand where she is coming from. Are you providing for her needs? If you understand her better, you will be able to connect with her more and ultimately learn to have more faith in her. For example, if you know your wife has been busy running errands and attending to household chores the whole day, you can expect her to be tired by the time you get home from work. You should understand that she is less responsive in bed than usual simply because she is tired, and it does not mean she is cheating on you.

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    Boundary testing is an important part to make sure you dont’ go over!

    Test the Boundaries – Testing the boundaries of trust in the relationship doesn’t mean getting into an affair to determine if your partner will get mad. It simply means trying out different things, being more daring and adventurous, exploring more together, and finding creative ways to get to know each other better. It is easier to trust someone you know inside out.

  • Growth – Stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to your partner. Exposing your relationship to different situations and scenarios will allow you to know your partner more and be able to predict how she will react to certain situations. Likewise, this will give more room for trust to grow. For example, when going on an adventure trip for the first time, why not allow her to help you plan the trip? Or when you are lost on the road, let her navigate. Discovering her strengths will make you trust her more.
  • Learn to Say No – It is one thing that your partner voices out her needs, but you don’t have to say yes to everything. She won’t learn to respect you if you do that. But say no only if you really have to.
  • Keep no Secrets – Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than well-guarded secrets. Be open and upfront with your partner. Assume that all your secrets will come out eventually, anyway. So why not lay down your cards in the beginning? Besides, keeping secrets is energy-zapping, so put that energy to better use by doing things that can help build the relationship.

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Maintaining strong trust takes a lot of effort, but it is not impossible. It takes a lot of effort and commitment from both partners to make the relationship work, but the rewards are great.

Be the BEST you can be everyday!

Everyday we are in a battle and we need to be ready at all times. I am not saying that BATTLE is like a war but everyday we face different people and different challenges. It is very important that you always make the best out of you; improvement in yourself is a MUST. Always remember that we are learning something everyday through experiences.

What are the things we need to do in order to bring out the best in us? Here are lists of things you need to do and you may use this as a guide on your own. Simply get a notebook and write down a list you personally want to do to improve yourself.

  1. Stay Healthy- Health is wealth. Health is very important in everyone’s lives. Eat the right kind of food for you to be healthy or else your immune system will go down and illness may occur. Eventually, you feel sick and cannot attend your class or you could be absent to work. Avoid these two: alcohol intake and smoking. Of course, don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water.

  2. Be Physically Fit- Exercise is very important. Running or Jogging for at least 30 minutes every day or every other day is a good form good of physical activity. Others may go to the gym or even enroll themselves in a class where you do a lot of physical activities like dancing the zumba, belly dancing or taebo; you may also consider aerobics or yoga. Engaging into sports is also a good form to sweat out and as you continue to do it, you get to be physically fit.

    When you Rebound you fulfill the four requirement of an effective exercise:

    When you Rebound you fulfill the four requirement of an effective exercise:

  3. Look for an Inspiration- Everyday you see different kinds of things that you appreciate right? So the best thing you can do is to use that inspiration to motivate you in your everyday lives. Having an inspiration is a great plus to keep you hanging despite of the work and pressured environment. Appreciation is the key.

  4. BE the Inspiration- Of course, you inspire people and you learn to appreciate it. So one of the good things you need to do is to be the inspiration! When you hear someone telling you how you have been their inspiration, it feels like you have done a great achievement. So with that feeling, you will motivated and continue to do good to other people.

  5. Discipline is the KEY- Improvement, be physically fit, looking for an inspiration, being the inspiration all goes back to this word. DISCIPLINE. Every individual can show all of these traits but what do they need to do to achieve these? DISCIPLINE. You can be a better person everyday if you tell yourself you will be and if others see that they will follow you as well.

Living in a world like this can be very tough and there are instances that you may feel discouraged and have doubts. Always remember that there are room for improvements and there are spaces for more things that you need to discover in yourself. If you have the determination and the right motivation, the best qualities you have as a person will just come out naturally.

Join a network of everyday leaders and discover how you can make an impact ...

Join a network of everyday leaders and discover how you can make an impact …

iPhone VS Android: The Battle Continues

Who Provides the Best User Experience?

Deciding what you want out of a smart phone can be difficult and when faced with a choice of the two market leaders – the iPhone or Android – it is best to know what they both have to offer and what they do better than the other.

    1. Does it matter how the phone looks? This will not just mean the actually handset but the way it is laid out. Often the Android looks as if the icons have been drawn by a child whereas the iPhone shows even the cheapest of free apps icon in just as good a way as the dearest. First impressions can be important and Apple seems to understand that.

    2. Transferring files is much easier when using the Android as there is the simple plug and transfer system in place. There are no problems when you want to put something that you have on the phone onto your laptop, but in order to do that with the iPhone there needs to be a sync folder in the laptop and the information needs to go there first before the sync can begin.

 iPhone vs. Android. With the recent announcement that, at long last, ...

iPhone vs. Android. With the recent announcement that, at long last, …

  1. The iPhone wins when it comes to the hardware design and they have managed this by making the function as clear as possible. The buttons clearly state what they do unlike with the Android where buttons such as back and menu do not always do what you would expect. If you have one app they will do one thing and something else for another. There is also the trackball that has proved to be a bit pointless.

  2. Apple is the winner when it comes to texting as it has a clear cut system while the Android can be very hit and miss depending on which app is being used.

  3. The Android charger is a micro USB charger and can be purchased in many places but the Apple one needs to be just for the iPhone although there is little trouble actually locating one.

Micro USB Battery Charger for Android Phone (M1800)

Micro USB Battery Charger for Android Phone (M1800)

Knowing that there are differences gives the user the chance to get the phone they want and not end up disappointed that it does not do all the things they were hoping for. Neither will ever get the phone that everyone is happy with, but knowing that both will want the lion’s share of the market it is safe to say they will continue to compete for different sectors and keep providing new and improved functions.

Parents and In-Laws Who Want to Be in Your Relationship

Understanding that your parents and your in-laws are going to want to be part of the happy couples life is vital in keeping harmony. It might not be easy to make sure that both sets of parents get the same amount of time and attention but if one set seems to be finding fault and looking for ways to criticise then you need to act quickly to stop it going too far.

If it is your parents you can probably have a quiet word, but what do you do when it is the in-laws? There are many things they can do that will be an issue for you but not their child so you have to make sure that your spouse is fully aware of how you feel and also fully aware of how to help you . Here are a few tips if you feel that your in-laws are getting too involved with your marriage.

Always work as a team and make sure that they know you are working together. It should be much harder for them to do something that will upset their child even if they would do it knowing it would upset you.

Don’t try and cope with an incident alone. If something happens then tell your spouse as once the in-laws realise that you keep things from their child they can use it against you. Make sure that your spouse knows that you will not accept them taking matters into their own hands, and if something does happen when you are not there then you at least need to know about it. Be fair to them and always let them know that you are aware of the suggestions they have made and even that you are grateful for them making that suggestion. You don’t have to do what they suggest but they will at least know that you have listened to them.

Your relationship with your in-laws can affect your own relationship ...

Your relationship with your in-laws can affect your own relationship …

Never give them the opportunity to say that you are being irrational or unfair to them. If there is a reason why you cannot do something that you said you would make sure they know there is a good reason for it and if it is simply something as basic as your spouse not wanting to don’t allow them to make you the bad guy. Often the in-laws will not be as bad as you feared but you need to make sure they know that they cannot get too involved in your relationship.

For men, a good relationship with their in-laws benefits the ..

For men, a good relationship with their in-laws benefits the …

Get Rid of Credit Card Debt in 5 Easy Steps

Being in debt sucks! Thankfully, you can do something about it – that is, if you want to. In order to get out of debt, you will need to do the following:

  • Take time To Assess Your Debt (this is the first step to getting rid of debt)

  • Create a Realistic Budget

  • Reduce your Spending….greatly

  • Start Saving Your Money

  • Launch an All Out Attack on Your Debt

Take Time to Access Your Debt

You can kick-start your credit card debt reduction plan by taking the time to figure just how much money you owe your creditors and how you are going to successfully deal with the situation: Here is how:

Create a Realistic Budget

It is always a great idea to come up with a budget that will help you to get rid of your debt. You will need to spend a few hours inspecting your finances; after you have done this, you will then create a realistic budget that will severe your complete reliance on your credit cards. Whatever you cannot purchase with cash will just have to wait until you have enough money to purchase it from now on.

How to make a budget, steps to create a budget

How to make a budget, steps to create a budget

Reduce your Spending…Greatly!

In order to be able to free up enough cash to repay your debt, you will need to cut down on your spending. You will need to look for effective ways to reduce your telephone bills, electricity bill, car insurance and every other bill. You will need to challenge yourself to stop dining at expensive restaurants, start cooking your own meals; besides, it is healthier. Enjoy knowing that you would soon be out of debt.

Start Saving your Money

Being able to get out of debt means being able to pay off the debt you owe as much as avoiding a new one. Save money for emergencies such as car repairs, time off from your job, medical expenses etc. having an emergency fund will deter you from reaching out for your credit card and creating new debt. Find out the emergencies that could cause you to use your card, and begin to save little amounts every month till you reach your savings goal.

Weighing the benefits of saving your money for future

Weighing the benefits of saving your money for future

Launch an All Out Attack on Your Debt

Take all the cash you have been able to free up with the aforementioned steps and apply it to your debt. Continue doing this, until you are able to pay off all your debts – yes, it may take some time, but you will surely get there. Remember, living a debt free live is better than being chased around and harassed by your creditors.

What Life Lessons You Can Learn From Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi was born in Hungary in 1882 and everyone who watches a black and white Dracula film is very likely to be watching him as this was the role that made and controlled his career..

He was never afraid to stand up for what he believed in and understood that if there was something that worked in life then it will be best to stick with it. He was a member of the Hungarian actors union and this made him so unpopular that he had to leave – he could have left the union but as he believed in what they did, he could not do that. Later on in his career he was finding it difficult to get new roles he was always happy to make another Dracula film.

He could teach us to play to our strengths and if there is something about us that is popular then make the most of it. His strong accent stopped him getting some of the roles in non-horror films, but he accepted this and kept on playing the evil character.

We can learn that it is as easy to get hooked on prescribed drugs. He got relief from his sciatica with opiates and before long he was using them as a crutch for the downfall of his career as well as his pain.

Sometimes saying what we want when we don’t really believe things will change does sometimes work. In an interview Lugosi said that he would like to be offered a comedy role and out of the blue he was on TV albeit in a short lived and not be successful comedy routine. Sometimes if you put yourself out there you can get the break you need.

 ... modern equivalent of the old Bela Lugosi Dracula movies. You can drive a ...

… modern equivalent of the old Bela Lugosi Dracula movies. You can drive a …

Bela Lugosi’s private life was one of marriage, divorce, marriage divorce, etc. but it is a prime example of not giving up on something if it does not work out but trying again and seeing if this is the right decision. After a couple of divorces it would be easy to decide not to bother again, but he carried on until the fifth time he got it right.

It may seem strange to look at an actor from so long ago and hope to get inspiration but when seeing how he lived his life and carried on when the odds seemed to be against him, there clearly are plenty of lessons to be learned.

Christopher Lee and Béla Lugosi dressed as Dracula

Christopher Lee and Béla Lugosi dressed as Dracula